Decostore by Zorzos Co. in Santorini specializes in the trade and manufacture of furniture, kitchen furniture, decoration and linen, offering furniture and decorations for the home, as well as for business premises. Qualified staff from professionals who make up the Decostore by Zorzos Co. team. has specialized knowledge in the interior design and decoration, as well as in the design of furniture and decorating ideas

After a significant amount of completed projects and strong collaborations in Greece and abroad, the team of Decostore by Zorzos Co. fully understands the needs of the customer, proposes the ideal design or decoration solutions in any case and creates a flawless result with functionality, high design and durability.

Expertise – Experience – Innovation

The harmony, modern aesthetics and innovation that releases every interior space are the constant passion of everyone in Decostore by Zorzos Co. That is why Decostore by Zorzos Co. offers a complete package of furnishing services and decoration ideas, with full study, design and construction for every home or professional project. The emphasis on detail for the design of each concept combined with the quality of materials by leading brands hosted in the modern showroom of Decostore by Zorzos Co. ensure a perfect decoration result that meets your needs. The excellent after sales customer service comes to fulfil the most complete package of furniture and decoration on the market.

Top brands and collaborations

The showroom, the warehouses and the headquarters of Decostore by Zorzos Co. are located in the privately-owned facilities of the company in the beautiful village of Pyrgos in Santorini, an area of 1500 sqm. Among the brands represented by Decostore by Zorzos Co., the showroom includes some of the most iconic brands in the furniture industry as well as in the architecture industry. The company’s philosophy is to remain fully in touch with all the latest trends in the furniture and decoration industry, participating in top professional forums or conferences with partnerships in Italy and Scandinavian countries.