All-home furnishings and office furniture are available at the showroom of Decostore by Zorzos Co. A large collection of furniture for each room of a home and furnishing solutions for professional needs of any type. High-quality furniture optionsmade by Greek and international brands, which are the perfect combination of modern design and functionality for every domestic or professional need.


Create a modern kitchen with a high level of aesthetics and functionality choosing kitchen furniture by Decostore by Zorzos Co. Modern kitchen furniture made with the excellent finesse of top quality materials for great durability in long-term daily use. The collaboration of Decostore by Zorzos Co. with Stosa Cucine's brand-name Stosa Cusine Furnishings is a guarantee for everyone who seeks for a modern Italian design kitchen with timeless features.


In Decostore by Zorzos Co., there are too many decorative ideas that recreate your favourite spots, shaping the style you want when you are in. In the showroom area of Decostore by Zorzos Co., you will meet up with modern decoration ideas from a rich variety of modern home decorations, design lighting, linen and carpets that match ideally with any concept you dream of for your home or your business place.


Furniture and decorative ideas according to your specific requirements. Furniture tailor-made for your specialized requirements and custom constructions by Decostore by Zorzos Co., which adapt to the particular needs of each project by implementing the design you have on the table.