• Method of Cash by delivery

Payment upon receipt of the order in the courier. When the courier company comes to your place to deliver your products, you pay the value of your order. The specific method applies only for Greece.

  • Payment using a credit/debit card

After selecting the product, you want to buy in the payment mode select section, select the payment from Alpha Bank from the list of options and the computer will automatically lead you to the bank’s secure page. Fill in your card details as in all credit card mechanisms and complete your purchase and will automatically return you to our page where your order will be completed.

You can use the cards:

  1. Visa
  2. Mastercard
  3. Maestro
  4. American Express
  5. Diners
  • Payment using Masterpass e-wallet
  • Payment via PayPal

Payment with PayPal is made under the strict trading conditions imposed by PayPal.

  • Payment by Deposit to Bank Account

You can pay by debiting a bank account of our company in one of the following bank accounts:



623 002 330 000 683

GR8601 4062 3062 300 233 0000 683



75060 3842 0168

GR15 0172 7060 0057 0603 8420 168



0026 0362 010200585416

GR49 0260 3620000010200585416

Reason: A. ZORZOS & CH. ZORZOS OE and order code

For your best service, please also indicate your order code when depositing the amount.

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